Submission: Twist on the Twin Theory

With all the writers and producers claiming they are staying away from the “Ali has a twin” plot line, I still believe SOMEONE has to have a twin because of all the twin references and hidden images they’ve included in the show. So…I think that Jason has a twin. A twin SISTER, one who has been in Radley.

Jason’s twin would therefore be a Hastings, explaining Mrs. D’s comment about “You can never turn your back on a Hastings.” It would also explain Peter Hastings’ involvement with Radley and Mrs. D. I think the twin escaped the night that Ali was fake-murdered and that’s why Mrs. D was on the phone asking for an update…”Please send someone. I’m worried.” AKA send someone from the hospital to pick up my crazy daughter. 

If Jason’s twin sister was the one who bashed Ali on the head, that would explain why Mrs. D was protecting the murderer by stashing Ali’s body in the ground. Maybe she knew she was still alive—she knew Ali could hold her breath for a long time—so maybe she wanted the twin to BELIEVE Ali was dead so she wouldn’t keep coming after her. Then Ali escaped and ran away before Mrs. D could get back to her. Mrs. D was not at all surprised when Det. Holbrook told her that he didn’t think the body in the grave was Ali’s—because she already knew that Ali wasn’t dead. However, Ali may not have realized what her mother was doing (remember, she didn’t see who hit her, so she wouldn’t necessarily know that her mom was trying to protect another one of her offspring) which is why she seemed hesitant to let her mom know that she was alive. If her mom was trying to find her, this would also explain why Ezra thought she might be A. 

So now the twin believes that she’s killed Ali, and she disappears again/goes back to Radley. Mona continues her A game with the Liars, but all of “Mona/A“‘s threats are related to the girls’ secrets, NOT to finding Ali. At some point “the game was stolen” from Mona, and A began to give the Liars hints and clues, trying to help them find Ali—because *A* wanted to find Ali and needed the girls to help. This would fit perfectly with the timeline because Mona said that the game was taken from her when she went to Radley. Well, if she was at Radley with the twin, then maybe she confided in her or otherwise let it slip that Ali was alive, and THAT’S when the twin took on the role of A, so she could find her half-sister and kill her for real this time. (I don’t have a solid motive for the twin wanting Ali dead, except that there isn’t anyone in Rosewood who didn’t want Ali dead at some point so I think motive might be kind of moot.) 

In the finale it was revealed that Ali hadn’t slept with Ezra OR Ian, so who was her pregnancy scare? Could it have been Wilden or someone else? We know that Wren has privileges at Radley, so perhaps he was the twin’s doctor and knew the family that way. Maybe Ali slept with him, the twin found out, and went bonkers because she loved him, or something. If Wren knew there was another sibling, maybe he told Melissa at some point—they were close enough that they got engaged so I don’t think it would be improbable that he told her. Melissa has always seemed to know more about what’s going on than Spencer, so this would make sense. Melissa was also involved with the NAT club—maybe she knew there was another sibling already through that, or her friendship with Jason. Maybe that’s why Melissa said she knew that Spencer didn’t kill “that girl”. 

The question still remains, who is in Ali’s grave? There were very few people who knew that Ali wasn’t actually dead, so one of them had to have had a motive for making sure that everyone believed Ali was dead. Mainly, Mrs. D—she wouldn’t have wanted the twin to find out that Ali was still out there, so somehow she was able to replace the body in her backyard and put Ali’s clothes on it. She also would have been the one making the ID of the body and she could have lied to police (everyone else does!). 

So that’s my twin theory. I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 5! Something else—since the writers showed Ali in a black hood during the Ian/bell tower scene, that leads me to believe that Ali has been lurking around in a black hoodie OTHER times, too. Just a thought! 

Thank you, haughtyhippogriff, for this post submission.