Submission | The Theme Song: Secret by The Pierces

I just watched the music video of “Secret” by The Pierces. It’s scary how many parallels are in the video as there are in the show.

Watch here:

  • The first frame is of a blonde girl on a red couch.
  • The next frame moves to the two girls who, one blonde, one brunette. The brunette kinda looks like Jenna but in other frames she doesn’t remind me of her. 
  • Painting the dead girls nails. Just like the opening scene. And putting makeup on. 
  • Putting a wig on the dead girl. There was a wig in A’s lair (sorry I don’t have a picture)
  • Then the two girls are dancing and they have makeup like a black swan
  • A couple frames later the girls are sitting and drinking tea. Multiple things about this:
    • The girls name is Alison and the other girl is named Catherine. Many wonder if the twins name was Courtney or even if CeCe was her sister. This girls name started with a C so thats interesting. 
    • Aria (brunette) and Alison had a scene together where there was tea. (might be too particular)
  • She then puts black gloves on. The entire time there is a theme of black. 
  • Then BOOM plot twist, the blonde dies. The Blonde was named Catherine so Alison was the evil and alive one? 

I just thought I’d share the parallels because it was uploaded in 2010 before many of these PLL clues and theories surfaced. 

Thank you, finelikeadime, for this post submission. Season 3 recaps here.

From pltheories:

Another video decode submission. Love the parallel. Maybe the writers/producers have taken some inspiration from the Pierces too.

Referencing an old entry submission on the theme song video, here.

The song Secret was released as part of their 2007 (three years before the show began) album, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge. It was Ashley Benson who suggested the theme song.

The Pierces were interviewed where they got inspiration for their song(s):


Although we know that these two were coincidentally linked, it’s just nice to see how the producers picked a theme song appropriate for the show.