Tagline: Ever had a message from someone you just couldn’t place?


Thoughts and Notes:

  • Four (4) new messages: 1) Rosewood Pharmacy 2) Garrett, Tickets to Leave 1st of the Month 3) Dry Cleaning, 3 weeks unclaimed, 4) Heavy Breathing
  • The Rosewood Pharmacy will be featured in 316 according to Bryan Holdman’s tweet.

  • Has Mrs. Reynolds fully recovered?
  • Where are they (Garrett and his mom) going? First of what month?
  • Did someone take Mrs. Reynolds’ answering machine?
  • We haven’t really seen the interior of the Reynolds household so we can’t be certain that this is their house.
  • I’m not sure what that last voicemail was meant to do. It didn’t sound scary. It sounded like a prank. It could possible be code for something else too. The breathing sounds like someone on a respirator.