S2 Ep. 25 UnMasked (Season Finale)


Do we get our questions answered? Or are there more mysteries to solve?

Major SPOILERS, so beware. My thoughts after the really long recap:

All four, at Spencer’s barn

  • Are watching the news about Garrett’s arrest. Page 5 was conveniently and anonymously (hmmm, Jenna) turned over to the police which ties Officer Reynolds to Ali’s death
  • The girls are speculating, and Hanna says 2 down: Ian and Garrett. Hanna says referring to Jenna and Melissa, “They might not have killed Ali but they are definitely guilty of something.”
  • Melissa comes in the room. She talks about Garrett stating, “Love gone wrong” (referring to Jenna & Garrett). She’s acting really off…calm…and weird. She thinks Garrett killed Ali because of what was done to Jenna.
  • We confirm that Melissa knows about “The Jenna Thing”. Well, of course she does: We See All.
  • When she leaves, they get a text: “You still have something that belongs to me. Bring it, or one of you leaves in a body bag. -A”
  • Doorbell, Spencer goes
  • The rest of the girls discuss that it’s the cellphone A is referring to.
  • Spencer brings 4 invitations for that night to the Masquerade Ball: “…You are cordially invited to the Rosewood Junior Society Masquerade Ball. 8:00(pm)-2:00(am). Costumes Required…” A wants to play Hide & Seek! A note was included: “Be there when the clock strikes midnight.” 
  • Spencer comments that Hide & Seek is her favorite game with Melissa because she always wins.

On their way to school

  • The girls start to think that Melissa and Jenna might have something to do with A and they have until midnight to expose the identity of A.
  • Mona barges in after she hears Aria drop in the word “costume”, and tells them that she is going to be at the masquerade mash as well. Then, she says that “blind” Jenna dumped Noel for seeing-eye Toby. Eh? She also mentions about a Vintage Shop she’s going to that has a bunch of costumes for the ball. She asks them to go with her but they all ditch her. Mona is still trying to belong.

Ezra’s Cave

  • I’m not really quite sure here but it appears to me that the girls meet up at Ezra’s place. It could be Aria’s bedroom but she refers to it as sacred ground. Confirm, anyone?
  • Hanna gets a text and says that Mona knows she lied. Caleb suddenly starts calling her as well.
  • When Aria asks Hanna to be careful because she thinks the area is sacred ground, the girls find out that Ezria has finally bed.
  • They start talking about lying to friends and family, and secrets.
  • Spencer asks to check Dorothy’s Landing and they talk about the time Ali took a flight out. The girls decide to head to Green View following the postcard as a clue.

Lost Woods Resort

  • The girls arrive at the Lost Woods Resort. The weather is perfectly set. The venue and mood is very Hitchcock Psycho. While slowly driving into the parking lot, something runs quickly in front of them but you hardly see it. Then, suddenly, the manager just knocks on the passenger window and startles everyone.
  • The manager is just plain creepy. The actor did an excellent job portraying that.
  • Spencer asks for Room 1 and he makes a reaction…not sure exactly…but then he says that it’s the best room in the hotel. Then, Spence asks about Vivian Darkbloom and the manager refuses to tell them anything. “You check into Lost Woods because you don’t want to be found.”
  • After checking in, the girls grab their stuff and Hanna falls into the mud…Psycho Shower Scene, Anyone?
  • The rooms looks like a blast in the past and there we see postcards are left by the bedside. Em grabs one.
  • The girls start asking questions:
  • -Em: What are we looking for?
  • -Spence: Ali left Ian to come up here for a reason. What is it?
  • -Em: I wonder why they call this place a resort? (LOL)
  • -Em: Do you think Ali came here to hide something?
  • -Aria: Or do you think she came here to hide from A?
  • -Spence: Did Ali come here alone or did she come with somebody?
  • Hanna is just busy getting her bath stuff ready.
  • Spence & Aria are checking if the manager is still there. Spence wants to get the registration book. She surprised when she sees Aria getting ready to join her. Both girls sneak into the office with very bright flashlights.
  • Emily and Hanna are left behind. Hanna goes to the bathroom for a shower. Em gets a call from Maya but with hardly any cell signal, she leaves the room. REALLY? REALLY? Haller?!?!
  • Spencer and Aria are looking at the book and see an entry: 9/6 Vivian Darkbloom and check for other names they might know.
  • While Em is outside trying to get a cell signal, someone small in a black hoodie rushes to the room. Of course, it’s A. A goes into the room and in the bathroom but suddenly leaves when A’s phone rings. LOL.
  • Hanna leaves the shower and looks for Em and notices that the hotel room door is open.
  • Next day, Spence is looking at the book in their room and notices that Ali was there twice. The first time was the day she was supposed to meet A in Brookhaven.
  • We then find out that A is next door and watching them through a makeshift peephole.
  • They talk about the excuses they made to their parents. Spence wants to return the book with Aria’s assistance (guard the door). Team Sparia? LOL. So, Team Sparia heads to the office and returns the registration book.
  • (A is watching) Hanna tells Em that Caleb can’t make it to the back because he’s meeting his mom. Em says she’ll be her date but she is not going to dress like a dude.
  • Aria and Spencer rush back and tell the girls to leave because the manager is back and they don’t want to be suspected of breaking into his office.


  • Visits Toby as he is cleaning out the burnt furniture from their house. She tries to make peace with him, poorly. Spencer says, “Jenna found a way to forgive me. Do you think you’ll be ever to?” (Really, Jenna really truly forgave her?)
  • When Spence leaves, Toby gets a call back from Dr. Sullivan!

Blind Girl Driving

  • Jenna, who we know was pretending to be blind drives to the park to meet a mysterious person.
  • She says, “I’ve thought about this moment so many times, wondering what I would say to you if I ever saw you again.”
  • She hands that person a blue shirt, then says, “They’re all gonna be at the party. You know what you need to do.”

Masquerade! Masquerade!

  • The liars make a grand entrance. Spencer claims that Melissa is in her PJs all curled up on the couch.
  • They realize they have 3 hours to unfold the mystery. They are to stick together and plan NOT to give up the phone.
  • Caleb arrives to surprise Hanna, claiming that he can’t take all the credit. Mona did that and helped him pick out a costume. Hanna thanks Mona and says no more secrets and she will tell her everything the next day. Mona says, “You’ll tell me about it later.” (It was at this point that I was SURE MonA is the exposed A. Only Em knew about Caleb not going. A was watching when she told Em.)
  • Spence was watching and tells Mona, “I don’t know why you hide beneath that layer of superficial bitch but you are a great friend to Hanna.” Mona is pleased, cuckoo pleased. Then, she starts talking about Ali (how she’s over Ali but she keeps talking about her). She says that tonight she can’t seem to get her out of her mind. (Mind control? LOL) She tells Spence that she took Caleb to the tiny place in Brookhaven. Then, the Ali flashbacks begin. It was the last place where she saw Ali alive. It was the week before she went missing.

Flashback to Vivian Darkbloom in Brookhaven

  • As told by Nerdy Mona, she sees Ali, dressed up as Vivian Darkbloom. Ali appears so preoccupied here. She is so focused at looking for someone that she is ruling out the people she already knows.
  • Ali to Mona, “Can I tell you a secret and it’s for keeps?”
  • Mona is excited that Ali is actually talking to her. Ali tells her that she is watching someone and tells Mona to pretend that she didn’t see Ali and to just walk away. Mona’s personality shifts, and asks Ali what the secret is worth to her. Ali asks Mona what she wants. Mona replies: To Be Popular! (Insert cuckoo alarm here)
  • Ali uses part of the Lost Woods postcard to give Mona a number. Mona turns the postcard and sees the hotel label

Flash Forward to the Masquerade

  • Mona tells Spence that she called Ali that night but she never called back. Spencer asks her if Mona saw who Ali was watching. Mona says it could just be a guy she’s following. That’s when Spencer mumbles about A. Mona then tells her she didn’t know they were talking in A-code. Spencer then tells her about the hotel. (Oooookay. SnoopQueen got herself in trouble there.)
  • Aria gets a message and looks around looking for someone. In the background, Jenna is watching her. Aria goes to an area and Ezra is there waiting for her.
  • Haleb continue to dance.
  • Spence calls Em and tells her “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.” That what Ali meant and was doing. That’s why she stayed at Room 1. And they never saw any booking for Room 2 because it was being rented out. Em says not to go along and Spence reveals that she’s with Mona. Mona is driving with a big perky smile on her face.

At the Lost Woods Resort

  • Spence visits with the manager to distract him while Mona gets the keys to the room. (First of all, you’re not supposed to have spare keys to a rented out room easily accessed. Spence should have suspected something here already).
  • Mona waves the keys to Spencer who leaves the manager. They both go to Room 2.

Back at the Masquerade

  • Ezria are together…dancing and kissing unmasked for everyone to witness. Yay?
  • Em is walking around and runs into Paige. (Hint, hint, will Maya be out of her life soon?)

In Room 2

  • Spence & Mona enter Room 2: A’s Lair. I may be over-analyzing but did Mona actually look more scared than Spence?
  • A’s Lair, extra creepy is filled with pictures, cut outs, and notes about Alison and the Liars. We also see a few masks, including one of a clown. (I hate clowns. I take that back. I’m scared of clowns. Did we ever find out where the clown bank was?)

Back at the Masquerade

  • Em & Paige are talking. (Eh? I don’t like Paige) Em says to her that she (Paige) wasn’t ready. Huh? I thought Em was the one who walked away. But, “it’s official, they are friends.”

A’s Lair

  • Spencer and Mona are looking through A’s stuff and land on some information about a Black Swan costume. Mona says she’s calling Hanna.
  • Mona offers Spence some gum. Spence is browsing through Ali’s diary when she sees a sheet of gum paper used as a bookmark. (Ding! Ding!) Spence & Mona talk about Melissa being dressed as a black swan the year before at the charity benefit. Mona says that she doesn’t think Melissa would want to hurt Spence…and says Maybe she’s A? Spence, then, asks her for gum. They both know by now. Mona says she needs to get more gum from car.

Back at the Masquerade

  • Hanna sees  and gets some familiarity with who the woman dressed in the black swan costume is. Hanna and Emily see her too. They follow where she’s going and she starts talking to Lucas who is with Jenna. (Liars realize that Jenna can see?). Who is the black swan?

A’s Lair

  • Mona returns awkwardly dressed in a hoodie. (She is not happy wearing that thing).
  • Spence has her back turned and said, “You didn’t call Hanna did you? Because you’re A!”
  • And so it begins!

Back at the Masquerade

  • Emily, Aria, and Hanna chase after the black swan! Why???

The Chase

  • Mona and Spencer are in the car.
  • At the ball, Hanna wants to call Spence and takes out her phone. Em says her phone is set to record everytime it’s turned on. WHO set that up? Caleb?
  • Mona tells Spencer she wants to talk. She said she (Spencer) had to earn it. To be part of it. (Spence is the playmate!)  Mona says join the A Team or disappear! Spencer says she almost killed Hanna. Mona responds saying, it’s easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.
  • Spencer asks how she can be everywhere? Mona is a genius? Nerdy, sure. But, genius?
  • Spencer drops a clue and says she’s driving too fast and they might not make it to Lookout Point. (She knows about the recording! How?) The liars heard her and drive to find them.
  • Spencer and Mona continue their dialogue. Mona is angry at them for stealing her friend. Her only friend. (Ah, they’re still friends.) Spence asks about A’s Plan B because A always has a Plan B. Mona refers to A in the third person and as a she: “Yes she does.”
  • Mona also tells Spencer that Melissa doesn’t have her dad’s gun but she does.
  • Spencer grabs the emergency brake and the car turns and stops. Spence gets out. Mona is standing right next to the car when Hanna almost hit her but stops and runs after her. They all get into a tangled mess.
  • As their fight gets closer to the cliff, Spencer tries to grab her but Mona falls.

After the Chase

  • Cops and paramedics are on the scene.
  • Dr. Sullivan arrives and explain that she had to leave because A threatened her son. She tries to calm down Hanna (who is affected most) and the girls.
  • One of the firemen yell, “She’s alive!”
  • We see Mona lying down holding or pressing her watch. What’s with the watch???
  • At the lockdown: Dr. Sully explains that Mona was living in a state of hyper reality…and that she has a personality disorder that may later be “fixed”.
  • Mona starts having an internal monologue about what she thinks the liars think, and her toffee lipstick (gotta love Mona for always thinking she still looks good despite what happened). She thinks the liars think it’s over. She ends with, “They don’t know that’s what WE want.”
  • Dr. Sullivan starts talking about their friend who convinced her to come back. We find out it was Toby.
  • Outside, Spoby get back together!

The Walk Home

  • The liars are walking home when Emily offers that they should sleep over her house, like old times.
  • They see cops and paramedics outside her house. Em, starts running.
  • Her mom says they found a body and they think it’s Maya.
  • All four are in shock, as Emily starts bawling.
  • How, what, why???

At the Institution

  • Mona is visited by someone dressed in the Vivian Darkbloom red coat.
  • She says, “I did everything you asked me to.” And, then, we wait for Season 3.

My Thoughts:

Where do I begin? I have to admit that I was not really surprised at *most* of the revelations in the finale. Mona+Twin have always been the super suspects despite the possibility implied by other characters. In fairness to the writers & producers of the show, they really can’t divert completely from the books, especially with something as major as this & this early in the storyline. Perhaps, after this revelation, they can (and I hope and suspect they will) add more twists and turns.

  • When Melissa comes into the room, I think she overheard the girls’ opinion of her and Jenna. She didn’t appear flushed.
  • Mona seems to make an extra effort to be part of the group in the past few episodes, and has been trying to be extra nice to Hanna.
  • A seems like to torment Hanna the most (past episodes + shower scene)
  • How was Toby able to contact and get Dr. Sullivan to respond to him versus the girls?
  • Who did Jenna meet at the park? Guy or girl? My gut feeling is telling me it was a guy…and possibly Jason.
  • Where is Jason anyway?
  • I was surprised at how Spence easily gave in to Mona, giving her more A information than she should.
  • When someone is that excited that a Queen B is talking to her, you just know there’s something wrong with them.
  • Who do you think the black swan is? If it were Melissa, that means she’s been faking the pregnancy. It also looks like Ashley. It might be Jackie too…if so, how does she know them? It can’t be Alison or her twin. She’s too tall and skinny.
  • Who set up Hanna’s phone to record?
  • I may not be a fan of Maya, but how, what, and why did they kill her? Or is she really dead?

The Revelation

  • As noted in my recap, I was sure the expose was on MonA when Caleb appeared. But, did you notice the Blonde in the red dress in the background???
  • When Mona said it’s easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend…was she referring to Hanna or Alison?
  • I’m glad they didn’t kill Mona (like in the books, which I didn’t read). She did a really excellent job that I would hate to see her go.
  • Does Spence know about Hanna’s phone recording? How?
  • Who is part of the WE Mona refers to in her internal monologue?
  • Who is part of the A Team? Lucas? Jenna? Melissa? Ian? Garrett? Jason? Noel? Who else?
  • If Mona was only A because she agreed to do whatever that other person asked her to, why did she agree to it?
  • Who really rented out Room 2? Mona or another A?

How I Really Feel About It

  • Although I did think that the Mona+Twin thing was going to be the season ender…I was still hoping that Jenna was the culprit. After watching a few times, I’m glad they didn’t do it that way. I really like sinister Jenna. I don’t think it would have suited her to be locked up in Radley.
  • Rumors on how the show would be different from the books? It doesn’t really matter to me anymore. I just want to enjoy watching it.
  • One last thing, I was expecting more from the show. I thought it was hyped up too much. It was still fun to watch. I just thought that they would have added more to the story.

We’ll be posting another entry on clues that lead to the revelation. Stay tuned…and meantime…

What did you think about the finale? Update: Thanks for the likes, comments, and confirmation!!! I don’t think we can reply to answers but we really do appreciate them!